The Golly Family toys are a series of lovingly handcrafted baby- safe soft toys.

Hector, like the rest of the Golly family, has been individually handmade to make sure he is unique to you. He holds a special place, since he is the first soft toy I ever made.

The Golly Family toys are suitable for all ages and spaces. Whether you are looking for an original baby shower gift or an addition to an ever-growing collection of toys.

Hector is the friendliest and most forgetful of all members of the Golly family.

He loves Beetroot pie and tickles under his ears.
He does not like carrots!

It's body is made of fleece and stretchy cotton. It's eyes and mouth have been embroidered to make sure there are no small parts that can harm little people.

Hector is approx. 49 cm long x 18 cm wide